Monday, May 4, 2015


So much things have been going on since my last post.
Great things and happy events~

My first trip with Chongy to Phuket is wonderful! I travelled to Taipei with my family and Munchie & we are looking forward to revisit Taiwan soon.

Getaway in Bali with Munchie & family trip to Vietnam which was fantastic! Was planning to go to Krabi with Chongy this month but she refused to go for the last minute plan! :( So, we made plans for our next trip in 2016 to save up for an even better place. Hehe :)

I wouldn't say my perseverance paid off. But it actually did get me somewhere; though I'm no longer doing exactly what I've started off earlier. :P Along the way since Oct 2014, I learned something new and struggled a lot. Thanks to my wonderful team a.k.a. friends at work for supporting me all the way and giving me hope to overcome everything. 

My man is also the key to overcome my challenges, stresses at work. It's great to have him supporting me whenever I'm feeling lost. I love you so much. :) And he is the best travelling companion! So chubby bubbly :P

Connecting with my ex-schoolmates and made some new friends along the way. Moving into a new department just gave me the chance to meet new friends too. Even clients are now my friends too and some of them are really .... annoying! HAHAHA :P I've attended a few weddings too; all with Munchie~ :) Uhh except for one; Judy & Ang (That's with the girls! :D)

Got myself a new hobby - Gardening. (which is very hard and quite upsetting). My plants hasn't grow much since I planted them almost a year ago. T_______T I'm still not giving up! I've been addictive to Ebay shopping as well for crafts accessories. I would love to take up sewing classes too. Looking for one atm. :D I spend my weekends watching movies and played Hay Day everyday before I go to sleep. So, I guess I'm doing everything as a routine now; just nice and slow. :)
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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Finding my way

Perseverance & being in the same team with the right people, who support you in good and bad times will definitely bring so much meaning to your work & life. I have been in the company for just a few days over a year now, and I finally feel that 
"the job belongs to me". 
I dislike remembering the past, but being in this job has definitely changed my perspective on life - A measurement of "How much better?". I was struggling when I got back to home town, where my family, close friends & my wonderful man; lend a helping hand & giving me all their support. 

The job I did previously was definitely not hard; it is the people there that make it hard for me to work. Needless to say, I am happy that I no longer work there. I left very soon for training in KL after I quit the job & the decision had turned my life around. 

I was a ban tong sui (setengah baldi) all-rounder to pick up bits & pieces from here and there. I was provided with a company car for my convenience to travel from my "home" to the office. I tried my best to postpone/ delay to receive the keys as I have not driven a car for years! I was worried, diffident & not ready to take up so much commitment at once. I was forced to take the keys on the 5th day. I gave in & I got myself a new friend - Challenge.

I could not express how happy I was to get a greater gift from the company on 31/7, apart from having the opportunity to be the pioneer on setting up this new business in EM.

16/7 marks my 1st anniversary with the company. And yes, I am extremely happy to be here, doing this job and god, I love the travelling!

I would sum up my experience as full, comprehensive training; Sky is the limit. 
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Big boss and the macai(s)

Dear Sunny day & Bright sky,
Please make sure you visit us tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the next, and next, until next Wednesday! Let them have a safe trip & climb on Mount Kinabalu. 

And a note to myself: 

  1. Please, please, please.. Control your emotion and yourself. Please do not attempt to run to the Big boss the moment you see him. (Sh*t, I think I would really run to him & thank him.. Fark!!!) T____T Hopefully he can hear me whispering next to him. 
  2. Drive safe and do not forget how many people you're suppose to fetch tomorrow. Uno, dos, tres!
  3. Be prepared; at any time of the day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper or whatever! *sigh* 
  4. Must ask the Dh repeatedly for our free lunch tomorrow. (It will definitely feel so good to make him pay for everyone's meal!) hahahahaha.. 

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